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Posted by: AIN Jun 11 2018, 10:00 PM

whisk away your heartsigh


but i could bleed an ice storm and still have enough ice in my veins to freeze a nation...

the basics

full name Ain
age unknown age (appears twenty one)
occupation not yet employed
species angel
pronouns he/him
usergroup Wayfarer
fandom Elsword

the powers

Sakrosankt Zertreten
(Cause a chain reaction by manipulating the surrounding El energy, project a celestial armory that attacks continuously and then detonate the gathered El energy.)

Erst · Bohren
(Project and throw [Erst · Bohren], the first spear.)

(Cause an explosion upon releasing a mass of concentrated El Energy.)

the canon

During his journey watching over the El search party, and before he advanced to Lofty Wanderer class path.

тυяη ιт вα¢к ση мє

"Your name is Ainchase. Restore the energy to the El."

I knew that I would vanish with the fulfillment of that mission. The fact that my time, light, life essentially was all borrowed, sand flowing through an hourglass, seconds ticking by on a stopwatch, none of that occurred to me, even in the darkest recesses of my sub-consciousness. The El.. restoring power and light, I had to succeed. If I didn't, well, who else would be there to pick up the pieces?

The crystal lies before me, but something shakes the world around me, shattering shards of the crystalline hope scatter, and I'm feeling pulled, pulled, and then there ... darkness. I'm not where I'm supposed to be, lost, and no matter how hard I reach out, there's nothing but emptiness touching my heart and flickering at the tips of my outstretched fingers. I can feel a strange pull, a flickering behind my eyes, that I don't understand. Time passes, I think, or maybe it's just suspended. I don't know how long I'm trapped here. I can feel myself fading, wilting into myself, as if there's nothing to keep ahold of.

Everything feels slower than it did before, heavier, but a flicker-flash of the sensation of El catches my senses, and I internally cling to that feeling, tracking it stealthily, because that's the biggest hope I have left. Resolve bolstered and with that simple flare, I can feel myself returning to the power that I had felt previously. Opening my eyes to reveal the world back in place, I breathe in deeply. The El is here, some of it is close, and for the main part, but I am not yet out of the frying pan.

It becomes apparent as time passes, that nobody is able to remember me as soon as I vanish from their sight, that, only one person is sustaining my entire existence. Something stirs within my core, a protests that grows stronger with each passing day. I don't want to vanish...I don't want to disappear. I want them to remember me. A seed of doubt that clouds over my sense of the mission, an unfamiliar sensation .. is this what they call despair?

Sometimes, I notice it. My sense of self weakening, my form becoming fuzzy, that same surge of what surely must be dark emotion, just like the black marks that sometimes stain my hands. Is it possible, that somewhere along the line, something had latched itself onto me and wormed somewhere into my system? These thoughts that cloud my mind, they are meaningless. Despite my misgivings I must continue forward.

Elsword, he's the one that makes it possible to sustain myself. My drive shifts, I need to ensure he survives, I must use him as well as myself to complete my mission. After all that has happened, I will not allow myself to fail. It'll be completed, or it'll be my death. Even as I push down the vortex of despair and anger and hollowness brimming in my insides behind my control, I know that for now, I can't let them simmer any more than they already had.


Ain was an angel created by goddess Ishmael in order to restore the power of El. He was completely and utterly devoted to this mission, but there's a small problem, he can't really do his mission here , so he's probably going to be feeling lost for quite a bit.

Since he was essentially made to complete his mission and vanish, though, I don't really see this as a problem because I love my smol angel child. Just before he ended up he just started having a slight complex of " I really don't want to vanish".


Ain isn't used to having friends so much as needing people to remember him to survive. If it didn't have to do with his mission, it just wasn't important. That being said Please befriend my smol angel. he needs people to teach him that he has self-worth. He's more than his mission. Pls help him. I beg you.

Oh the other fun thing? He has a habit of tamping down his feelings for the sake of tunnel-vision for his mission, so maybe teaching him about those would be another nice point. Humanize him a little, he needs to lighten up a little, he's a little too strict on himself.


Seeing as Ain inherently has a strong moral compass, being an emissary of a goddess and all, I'd say doing some pretty bad stuff like hey kids, wanna talk about murder or something wouldn't exactly cast you in the best light. Crossing him would absolutely be a no, it's just. Nope. That being said, it would make absolutely no sense for him to never run into any snags here and there, so in a way, to develop, he needs enemies too. To be fair Ain would actually probably kill if he viewed it necessary for his mission.


Due to Ain putting his utmost concentration and importance on his mission, I doubt romance has ever crossed his mind. That being said, now that he'll have time to actually learn and allow himself to feel his emotions, it's possible. I'm sure most of the time it'd have to be slowburn, but I'm also sure it's something you could fluster him with.

the player

alias Fox
timezone CST
pronouns she, her
mature content for the main part I'm willing to try.


Hey, umm, I hope I do alright, since I'm honestly not very experienced with RP, and I hope I don't come across to you all as awkward! I hope we all get along and I look forward to making some friends :)
Also: feel free to pm me or anything if you want to talk about something!

Posted by: LAUZ Jun 17 2018, 07:42 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
congratulations on being accepted and welcome to heartsigh! now that you've been accepted you should definitely go,, and! make sure that your mini profile is also filled out properly. once you're done all that, maybe you'll want to so we can learn all about you! we're so excited to have you ❤
welcome to the site

Posted by: COORO Jun 17 2018, 08:11 PM
cooro + ain
Hiya Fox! I've been stalking your app and waiting for it to get approved.

I think Ain needs a healthy dose of Cooro! If poor Ain isn't used to having friends, Cooro would gladly assist with that. He is an hyperactive outgoing little kid who just loves hanging out and having fun with other people. What he lacks in maturity, he makes up for in pure honesty and joy. While Cooro would be terrible at counselling Ain on his self-worth, he could be great in other aspects such as just genuinely enjoying the other's company and displaying that through his overall excitement and affection for Ain. Ain't you glad to have met Cooro? Pun intended! xD

Anyways, what do you think?

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